Dave Gordon

In his youth, Dave felt a strong attraction for the outdoors - in particular the fields, ponds, and woodlots which then existed near his parents home. 

His travels introduced him to the wonders of nature, but just as importantly, created within him a feeling of being at peace in the countryside.  At the time, Dave did not understand the attraction, but the feeling did and has nevertheless remained with him.

Thanks to his wife who had the foresight to realize his need, she enrolled him in a watercolour art class where he learned basic techniques and received constructive encouragement.  Dave now works on his own at his home studio where he is still learning with each new painting.  Sometimes the lessons learned can be painful and time consuming, but they are still the best lessons learned.

Dave now works full time on his art and enjoys being able to focus his attention entirely on his new creations. Dave draws his inspiration from the Georgian Bay and Muskoka Lakes areas and it shows in many of his water scene paintings.  Rural scenes are still his calling, focusing on farm houses and barns, the tractors which work the farms, the fence rows which define the farms and some relics from the past.    

Dave also accepts commission work to capture your treasures in watercolour. Dave’s studio is located at his home in Acton, Ontario and is open by appointment.